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Planning a new business, or developing your existing business?
Searching for Venture or Startup funding to develop a new product?
Need professional help to create Business Plans, and Bank Proposals?
We can provide and help submit complete packages to obtain:
Venture Capital Funding,, S.B.A Loans, SBIC Loans, and all types of
Product Development and Business Planning services....

From product development to business plan development we can
help your business pull together a winning package to attract
Angel funding, Venture Capital, SBIC's , SBA
and other
sources of funding to get your project rolling.

With a 20 year background in manufacturing and metalworking.
We can provide you with many high quality Vendors to get accurate prototypes produced, along with competitive cost Analysis of the manufacturing of your product. This type of information is key to developing a well thought out business plan...

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"Genius is one per cent inspiration and
per cent perspiration.
Accordingly, agenius is

often merely a talented
person who
has done all of his
or her homework".
Thomas Edison

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"Don't worry about people stealing your
ideas, If your ideas
are any good,you'll
have to ram them
down people's throats
Attributed to
Howard Aiken
is this famous quote